Equipments List

S/Number Name and Desciption


1 Ellemack Skate Board Dolly with Snake Arm - Manual 32 Wheels Skate Board Dolly 24 Wheels Skate Board Dolly
16 Wheels Skate Board Dolly
Western Dolly Camera Support
Skate Board Dolly with Fast Wheels Wheel Chair Dolly Camera Support
Flat Bed Dolly with Encased Wheels
8 Wheels Dolly


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    (100m from University Road)
    Dar es salaam Tanzania
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  • Phone: +255 719 683830/782 044427

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Grip and Sparks Tanzania limited was incorporated and established on 23rd of September 2013. The company namely the supply for hire of Filming equipment particularly Grips, Lighting as well as Generators.